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Bachaumont Medical Imaging Group Central Paris, one of the biggest medical groups in Paris, includes 7 imaging areas:

Examinations and interventional procedures are performed in different interconnected medical centers.

Due to an up to date technical platforms and  an efficient network between the different radiological sites, this allows the optimization of specialized consultations and examinations.  

Appointments are provided within a short time frame.

Significant data


12 highly experienced radiologists

8 medical centers distributed within the center of  Paris

2 last generation MRI devices

1  Commun PACS* and RIS* for the structure

more than 150 000 exams per year

15 000 MRI exams per year

5000 interventional radiological  procedures and infiltrations

Coeur et vaisseaux

0ur Strong Points

Short delay

Known expert

Recent and complet technical plateform

Breast cancer nationnal agreement


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